Sunday, September 21, 2008

Night has an age?

I really need to update this more often, even if it's with only one or two phrases per post...

The night's still young.

Used when you're going to a party or club or anything really late at night. It means that much of the night's still remaining, and apparently night isn't a time for sleeping...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Words better off not being needed

Man I really need to find the time to post more often. This is getting lame. Not a very cheerful blog post since I'm not all that cheerful right now.

stressed out

I've been so stressed out since getting that mail.

And I consider myself to have a really high stress tolerance too...


guilt trip

My parents have been guilt tripping me over going to that party last night.

By the time someone finishes up high school in the US, they've probably been guilt tripped so much it loses effect on them. In fact, it's probably considered a rather immature way of scolding someone.